Turn on the news or simply go shopping anywhere right now and you will probably hear the word supply chain management. What does this mean to us? Supply chains have been impacted by shortages of materials. This means items that normally were plentiful are sometimes scarce.

Whether this is because of factory shutdowns, delays on imports or simply an increase in demand, it is important to add time to your normal delivery schedule. An item that normally took three weeks, could take three months or more depending on what the item is. Custom orders can take even longer. At Builders First Source, our commitment to customers is that we will work diligently with our manufacturers to get what you need as soon as possible.

Our experienced sales team knows and understand what products are available, when they might be available and how long it might take to get your orders in. Now is a great time to consider ordering items such as cabinets. By the time you complete installations of roofing, doors and windows during warmer months, your cabinets may be ready. The key is ordering ahead of time. Give yourself even more time than normal. Stop in and visit with our experienced team to begin your orders today or to discuss your upcoming project needs.

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