Builders FirstSource Digital Tools work even better when you access them through our new myBLDR.com builder platform. Take advantage of the fastest path from plan submission to receiving your order. Access project document storage, 3D home previews, online material estimates and ordering, delivery status, job scheduling, and much more. 

Imagine if you had a whole product development team to handle any drafting or design challenge. Drafting makes that possible by turning any concept into a buildable blueprint. From master sets to site-specific plans or even modifications, our experts will turn your buyer’s vision of home into a reality.

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) experts will provide a detailed 3D model that streamlines your build process by identifying and eliminating construction conflicts in the virtual world—rather than at the jobsite. Build Optimize improves pre-construction collaboration with your trades and control over material costs, while reducing change orders and costly delays.  

Home Configure lets homebuyers customize their home—inside and out—with photorealistic 3D visualizations that can include the product selections you offer with real-time cost impacts. Shorten design time, manage homebuyer expectations, and provide peace of mind as you deliver their dream home.   

With the power of Render, you can turn 2D house plans into high-fidelity, 3D renderings and interactive videos that let you virtually walk homebuyers through every room of their new home with stunning clarity. This not only helps you market your business and attract more customers, it also helps you manage expectations before—not after—you start building. 

Be ready to build in weeks, not months. With Home Plan Library you have access to a collection of ready-to-build blueprints that also include turnkey marketing materials, such as Home Configure and Render, at your fingertips. When you license a Home Plan from Builders FirstSource, you reduce pre‑construction cost and start building faster.   

Click here to explore the bldrplan library.

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