Did you know that Builders First Source has taken steps to help you manage your projects? Do you feel overwhelmed at times keeping up with orders, invoices and deliveries? Many people do not know about this value added FREE service that we provide contractors and customers called My BFSBuilder.

Each customer receives a login to a specific portal for projects. This grants you 24/7 access. You can view orders, see invoices, and even pay online without even having to come to the store. We can even export information to Excel or PDF to help you stay organized and share information with others.

If you have multiple projects or jobs open, you will even be able to see open orders for each job to see sales order and quotes. You can see your account aging for the past 30-days, you can see scheduled delivers and so much more. My BFSBuilder is like having a virtual assistant that is available to you 24/7. You can even view older invoices. If you need to reprice an item, the My BFSBuilder can even help you obtain estimates based on previous orders.

Our project management tool My BFSBuilder helps you stay focused on your project and your customer. To learn more, visit our website and click on the My BFSBuilder icon to register for our customer portal. Of course, you can always stop by one of stores and we will gladly help you get started.

Don’t let placing orders, paying invoices, and reviewing deliver invoices, and reviewing deliver schedules bog you down or keep you from more urgent matters. Let us help you today.

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