Is your chimney ready for Santa? We can help you with that!

Proper chimney maintenance is vital to keeping your home safe from fires and water damage (as well as preparing for any white-bearded, burly guests that may visit).

A few important things to think about are: functioning fireplace damper, waterproofing your chimney, and chimney sweeping.

Did you know gas-log fireplaces are better for your chimney? If your current chimney is wood-burning consider replacing it with one of the many we offer. Gas logs produce less harmful smoke and produce less soot which means fewer chimney sweeps for you and a much lower risk of fires. If you are in need of a new fireplace, we offer several options: Monessen Vent-Free Fireplaces, Monessen Gas Logs, Pearl Mantels, and Stonehouse Synthetic Stone.

Our experienced team can help meet your chimney and fireplace needs. Stop in at one of our locations to get the help you need today.


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