At the first of the year a lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions. Many of these resolutions include making changes and setting personal health goals. What are your health numbers? Do you know them? Have you ever thought about evaluating your home’s health at the beginning of the year just like your own health? If not, maybe now is the time to start. Many people also set financial goals for the year too. Maybe it’s time to set a budget for 2022 for your house as well, just like people try to set health goals and budgets. A home needs the same tender love and care.

Take a look at your electric bill; does it spike a lot when the temperature shifts? Are your windows double pane, energy-efficient windows? What about your doors? Are they properly keeping heating and cooling in your house without letting leaks in or out? How does your roof look after a rainy Spring, hot Summer, and harsh conditions? Consider inspecting them. Maybe you need to consider also adding insulation to make your home more energy efficient. Fireplaces can also be a source of leaks and damage over time. Inspect and clean your fireplace and make sure no leaks are occurring. How is your siding? Is it showing signs of aging and deterioration? We offer numerous types of siding to replace old and damaged siding on your home. Click Here to See Our Options for Siding, Fireplaces, and More!

Our team at Builder’s FirstSource can help you with your budget and planning. We offer great options for doors, windows, shingles, siding, and fireplaces. We offer financing, and our experienced staff can help you develop a plan and budget based on your needs. We even have the hardware you need for most projects. Be sure to consider your home health going into the New Year and perform routine health inspections on your home and plan out projects in advance. This will help you plan financially, maintain your home, and make sure you maximize your investment in your home. Stop by one of our locations or call us today to see how we can help you. Click Here to See Our Options for Windows, Doors, and More! 



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