Has your fireplace lost its former charm, or do you want to add some character to your room? Well, a fireplace makeover may be what you need. Regardless if your issue is heating efficiency or an outdated appearance, an upgrade can give your fireplace a distinctive new look and improved efficiency. Moreover, you can also install a fireplace insert, which will transform an inefficient fireplace into an alternate heat source (usually with 70% efficiency or more). Not happy with the type of fuel your fireplace uses, you can switch that as well. We see increasing amounts of homeowners transitioning from wood-burning fireplaces to gas fireplaces due to gas’s convenience and efficiency.

For reference, a fireplace “mantel” includes a variety of components that make up the overall design of a fireplace. Many people believe it is simply the horizontal piece above the hearth. A fireplace makeover can include the frieze, mantel shelf, pilasters, overmantel shelf, and mantel facing. Altering your fireplace’s mantel can completely transform the look of your fireplace to help match the look and feel of your home.

Beautiful fireplace designs can include a wide range of aesthetics. Some of the most commonly requested decorative materials for a fireplace are wood and stone. For the surround, the more popular options are stone, marble, granite, and faux stone. That is the beauty of a new fireplace – you can make it as dramatic or subtle as you would like for it to be.

An additional benefit of a fireplace makeover can be increased efficiency (if you choose to use a fireplace insert). Especially during cold winters, you will appreciate the cost-savings. Installing a fireplace insert will significantly improve fireplace efficiency. While there are a wide variety of styles to choose from, for an insert, it is truly the inner workings that will enhance the efficiency of your fireplace. 

For many homes, a fireplace is a natural focal point, and a fireplace makeover can upgrade the entire look and feel of your home.

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